A butterfly named, Robin.

During my lunch break today, I was watching (researching) the late, and great, Robin Williams. I was watching ‘Robin Williams – Inside The Actors Studio’ via You Tube. I can’t recommend this video enough, if you have 90 mins to spare, and are interested in acting, drama, laughing… watch this.

When Robin touched on working on The Fisher King with Jeff bridges, he talked about one of the things he learned from Jeff, and that being… when things don’t quite go to plan during filming, it’s okay. Film is about about catching the moment, especially those moments, and when things don’t quite go to plan and something else happens that perhaps wasn’t rehearsed, that can add an additional dimension to the performance. During this scene though, a… what I thought was a moth, fluttered past my head and collided into the window in front of my desk. It was a butterfly, a lively one… a Peacock butterfly… I couldn’t help but think it possessed alittle of Robin’s spirit and energy when I watched it fluttering around trying to find somewhere to fly away to or nest. I took some photos of this fella, before I helped him back outside. An absolute surreal moment…


It was tricky, he wouldn’t stay still… but I got lucky with this snap.


Here, he’s trying to explore behind a picture I have on the window, he realizes very quickly this isn’t a good idea and backs up.


At this moment, he’s thinking… sh*t, I’ve landed on Mars….  how did that happen?!