ZBW.CCDW.HW025Here is my character turn sheet for The Trinket Thief, so far. I’m much happier with the direction he’s going in now. He’s edging more into the realm of horror territory that I want to further explore when it comes animation time. He’ll have a pair of ‘horror pants’ on. Its important to have a certain level of humor attached to this guy to. Still lots to play with going into the final stage of his final sculpt. I need to better refine his anatomy in alot of places. I’m still playing with his legs, cog etc. Overall he’s getting there. He actually has a skull, I felt i needed to better flesh this out to figure out how the horns attach, gums and teeth placement etc. Still working on his accessories and stolen trinkets etc. Since I want to be able to animate this character in future, (Think 1980s B movie… ) I’m having to better figure out where everything will go and attach. (Thievin’ bast**d !)

I have to give a big thank you to Danny on this. He’s a hugely talented guy and a good teacher, the Maya knowledge  that he’s contributing is massively beneficial. These screens were made using ViewPort 2.0 rendering via Maya. A really handy way to review this guy in realtime. Awesome for clients.

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