Just completed a week long intensive workshop with Dr. Erika Rosenberg learning FACS coding.  It was hosted in the University of Ulster over the full five days and we had a great time. We had a great mix, we had guys from Germany, Denmark, Portugal and of course Ireland. I made lots of new friends. We were given our first formal exposure to facial measurement, anatomical musculature, movement and mechanical processes and exploring many different expressive states both emotional and physiological. We looked in great detail at the upper and lower parts of the face.

The practical work and daily ‘FUN’ exercises we did were extremely beneficial to learn this sort of coding. Since part of my research right now is pushing hard on anatomical processes in both human and animals, being part of this workshop has accelerated my learning of the human face. Dr Erika Rosenberg is a great teacher and her knowledge on facial coding, facial anatomy and expression through emotion is so much infinitely deeper than the five days we got exposed to during the workshop.  We managed to get through the whole of the FACS manual, so barring more coding practice, I’ll be looking to apply for my FACS test and hopefully gain a certificate in Facial coding.

The shear volume of information we learned in the five days, would most probably take much longer to understand and learn if studying on your own. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to learn FACS !

For information on FACS and the availability of Erika’s FACS workshops you can check out Erika’s website:


Additional Information:



FACS-ekmanAction Units in the upper face.


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