SWSCA – The Business of Making Monsters WK2

Had a blast working through a concept design for our assignment. The script describes a creature, that has tentacles, at least one hero tentacle that drags in a human person, a huge gaw that chews and mutilates people and that it can be seen slithering among the pipes and bulkheads overhead. IN essence, a very cool script description to design for ! Thanks Shannon!  Below are some of the character ideas I’ve been playing with. I’ve been influenced by viper fish and angler fish especially… oh and isopods!





Rough Mood Concept for ‘Horror in the Pacific’


ZBWS – Hard Surface Fun!

I’ve been pushing on the hard surface side of things during the holiday period. I tried another attempt at a spacecraft sort of design utilizing hardsurface techniques. I’m getting the hang of it now and I’m getting a better handle on polishing tools. Through Ryan’s Zbrush Certification course, I was also exposed to IMMs. (Insert mesh brushes). I’ve been exposed to these guys for a good while now but it’s been recently that I’ve started to figure them out better, both for kit bashing and adding details. I must say, I didn’t think I’d be creating hard surface models within Zbrush anytime soon! I had a lot of fun designing the main hull with panel loops etc. The undercarriage design on this ship was fun to, I used nothing but IMMs for that. The whole piece is 100% Zbrush.

ZBWS.HardSurface.IMM_v1.0_GloryRenderShip Design Concept. (WIP)


Creature Design ZbrushWorkShops

ZBWS – Creature Design with Peter Konig – update

This creature has gone through its paces! It’s gone from ‘GoatTroll’ to a sinister larve/insectoid ‘thing’.  I’m still working out the main forms currently and playing with its design. Not sure what this fella’s background is yet, I’m making it up as I go along. I know this however, he/she will NOT let go once it grabs hold… so, watch out! More to come soon.


Creature Design ZbrushWorkShops