SWSCA – The Business of Making Monsters WK2

Had a blast working through a concept design for our assignment. The script describes a creature, that has tentacles, at least one hero tentacle that drags in a human person, a huge gaw that chews and mutilates people and that it can be seen slithering among the pipes and bulkheads overhead. IN essence, a very cool script description to design for ! Thanks Shannon!  Below are some of the character ideas I’ve been playing with. I’ve been influenced by viper fish and angler fish especially… oh and isopods!





Rough Mood Concept for ‘Horror in the Pacific’


SWSCA – Creature Maquette Sculpting with Jordu Schell

I made some good progress this week on the Trinket Thief. I’ve a full time job, so that’s my priority. I’ve squeezed in as much time as possible during evenings.

Working with Chavant is growing on me, if I’m not careful I’ll be figuring out mold casting next! I was able to better define the primary forms this week. I’m reluctant to add detail until i’m happy with his base structure. I used Sculpey for his teeth and talons. My final submission was last night at midnight (PDT). It was a long night! Looking forward to feedback and crit. I’m looking to post a summarized making of with tools I used shortly.


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