Here is my dragon character update.

  • I re-worked her brows and adjusted her facial structure.
  • I added teeth, gums and lip suggestions.
  • Her eye structure has changed and I’ve refined her jaw and added detail.
  • After adjusting her back posture slightly in relation to shoulders and head I added big fins to the back of her head, but not all the way down her neck as suggested by Casey.
  • Also as suggested by Casey I have taken out the old neck structure and replaced it with a new one, complete with wrinkles around the neck and back of the neck. I’ve also added wrinkles that suggest blood delivery.
  • The front amour plating was revised and I changed the positioning of the horn foundations on the skull. I also added a suggestive part for the shoulders and scapula.
  • I’ve reshaped the curve on the top horns, it is much closer now to my original drawing. The horns are proving tricky to get smoothed out however…


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