ZBWS – Week 02 – Character Design with Danny Williams


Focused in one character concept. I like where this fella is going, but I think he’s too stylised regarding design, proportions etc.

I’ll maybe save this direction for the next phase in this course. Considering the rigging and animation project for this fella, I really want to go more ‘horror’. What I mean is, this guy could be made to come across scarey and funny… but it’s not the scarey and funny I’m aiming for this time around. A judgment call at this stage, so I’ll be pushing forward on his design and making some changes.

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2001: A Space Odyssey … in Titanic Dry Dock


We saw 2001: A Space Odyssey last night  in the birth place of Titanic herself. I never thought I’d be watching a movie of this caliber in a place like this, ever. It was pretty amazing.  The rain stopped a couple of hours before the event, free beer was had and it was a massive turn out.  It was a great venue for an outdoor cinema event, sound traveled good to. Only the second time in my life that I’ve seen this on the big screen. Following the famous match cut scene, when a bone thrown into the air cuts into a orbiting space satellite, I looked up and the stars started to seep through the cloud cover. In this case Deneb, Altair and Vega, (the summer triangle.) Totally cool experience. I bumped into a few people I know including Gawain Morrison from FilmTrip.

For the texture artists out there, the walls of the dry dock were beautifully seeped in history.


… “I think my mind is going”…  time for Red Bull.


ZBWS – Week 01 – Character Design with Danny Williams


initial concept designs for my character. In this case, The Trinket Thief. Danny gave me solid guidance during my crit. Despite the work carried out on my clay sculpt, I’ll be going more so with the fella in the bottom left whilst integrating various elements from my other ideas. He needs to have a mischievous appeal, but at the same time be frightening when necessary. The horror element is a high priority!


The work I did in Jordu Schell’s workshop over at the Stan Winston School had been perfect for playing with different ideas regarding my demon character.

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SWSCA – Creature Maquette Sculpting with Jordu Schell

I made some good progress this week on the Trinket Thief. I’ve a full time job, so that’s my priority. I’ve squeezed in as much time as possible during evenings.

Working with Chavant is growing on me, if I’m not careful I’ll be figuring out mold casting next! I was able to better define the primary forms this week. I’m reluctant to add detail until i’m happy with his base structure. I used Sculpey for his teeth and talons. My final submission was last night at midnight (PDT). It was a long night! Looking forward to feedback and crit. I’m looking to post a summarized making of with tools I used shortly.


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SWSCA – Creature Maquette Sculpting with Jordu Schell

Wow, that was an intense 8 hours. We got stuck straight iswscan with building an armature, posing it (by design!), and gluing it into my base. This was fun for me, I had to quickly attach two bigger 2 x 4s to my original base support in order to accommodate my pose. (my character has a fairly wide stance). Thank goodness Duct tape was invented.  We’re fortunate in this part of the world, for Zap a Gap in my opinion does a great job gluing metal and wood etc, verses epoxy glues. Regarding my character design, I made him up as I went along. Building the armature and posing lends itself greatly to ones imagination.

This was my first time using Chavant clay. It will need to be warmed up a little before it’s used in the way it is intended. Chavant is an oil based clay so cannot be cured. A toaster oven may have been handy here. We had around 4 critiques throughout the workshop so while Jordu was character sculpting and demonstrating various approaches and methods etc, we had ample time to have our own work critiqued along the way. Feedback for my character was for the most part positive. He has good movement, pose is strong,, but I need to revisit the anatomy and make him more ‘believable’ in that department. I think my initial approach was too Ecorché.  Jordu’s input however was gold. I really appreciate his input. I’ve lots of changes to make before the final deadline for submissions.

Everyone involved in the workshop were exceptionally talented. It was a humbling experience being apart of this. Our deadline for this coming Friday (midnight), is to upload final updates on our characters. I have uploaded a work in progress of him so far from my workshop right here incase anyone’s interested. He can only be best described as a demon type fella, probably close to life size already, he likes to sneak out of the walls late at night, especially during a full moon to steal trinkets. Even USB sticks aren’t safe, believe me I know this first hand.

Jordu Schell was amazing fun, and equally highly  knowledgeable on character building and sculpting. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to be apart of this workshop and hope it happens again soon!   http://www.schellstudio.com/

I have to say, thank you so much to the Stan Winston School for being able to host these workshops.  It opens the door for so many around the world.

The Trinket Thief  

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