In the run up to the Draw-In Symposium, one character that I’ve wanted to sculpt for a long time, is the character of Ignis from Gina Wilson’s fantastic story book, ‘Ignis‘. P.J. Lynch painted and illustrated the artwork. I’m a massive fan of his work and since I’m a dragon fanatic, I just had to give Ignis a good go as part of my sculpting gym sessions. He started off life during a late Monday night session at Julie Douglas’s residence and since has been progressing throughout the week. He’s tricky. I’m creating a bust using Super Sculpey.


I had to re-adjust Ignis’s neck, to allow for a better pose


Eye balls !


Brain surgery was needed to build out his volume alittle.


The added neck area wasn’t enough, I needed much more! The longer neck will give the bust better character through the pose.


More neck surgery…  You know that saying, “Wind your neck in.. ?”

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