Symposium – Preparations

Getting ready for the Symposium tonight, it’s not that faraway now. Tonight we did a systems check, got the lights good to go, camera setup is good, projector works, computer plugs into University system okay…  everything went well. Tools, clay, pots, lazy susan… check….  It’s nice to see Ignis on the big screen!


A couple of eyeballs, that didn’t quite make the cut…    aaah, I can see better


Do not feed the animals, especially the Sculpey critters…  and especially not potassium, ever!  You all know what happens to Mogwai’s, it is debatable whether feeding them before or after midnight makes a difference however.



Sculpting Gym | Week Three

I’ve decided at this late stage… after taking the Sculpey clay off this poor fellas tin skull (repeatedly) to help evolve his outer volumes via the tin foil, it’s time to hit the wed clay. I’ve spent too much time with the tin foil shaping and adjusting eye placement etc, that I’m not getting enough sculpting time in. The tin foil building can be a gotcha, you probably don’t want your sculpture too big if working in Super Sculpey!


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Sculpting Gym | Week Two – Ignis and surgery

In the run up to the Draw-In Symposium, one character that I’ve wanted to sculpt for a long time, is the character of Ignis from Gina Wilson’s fantastic story book, ‘Ignis‘. P.J. Lynch painted and illustrated the artwork. I’m a massive fan of his work and since I’m a dragon fanatic, I just had to give Ignis a good go as part of my sculpting gym sessions. He started off life during a late Monday night session at Julie Douglas’s residence and since has been progressing throughout the week. He’s tricky. I’m creating a bust using Super Sculpey.


I had to re-adjust Ignis’s neck, to allow for a better pose


Eye balls !


Brain surgery was needed to build out his volume alittle.


The added neck area wasn’t enough, I needed much more! The longer neck will give the bust better character through the pose.


More neck surgery…  You know that saying, “Wind your neck in.. ?”

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Sculpting Gym | Week Two

Made lots of progress this week on Boris.  But working in Super sculpey at this scale is proving difficult. I have to keep taking off the clay in order to add more volume on the inside of his head. This has been an ongoing process and I don’t think it’s sustainable. Too much Sculpey is being use to flesh out larger volumes in the head, hence Wed Clay would have been better for working at this scale. Still, he’s improved.  I’m slowly finding the forms. I made two eyeball hemispheres using Super Sculpy III, translucent.

I’ve also started work on a second sculpt, details in following post.


sgw02.fs.pc_02   sgw02.fs.pc_03

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Sculpting Gym | Week One

Utilizing Group Crit time with my MFA peers, I’ve started pumping iron through Sculpting Gym! It’s prep time for the upcoming Draw-In  Symposium, 31st August. Thanks Lisa for allowing us to use your house for the session! It was fun. Project one is a bust of Frankenstein, Boris Korloff more so… and he’s tricky!

My approach was to sculpt a bust of Frankenstein, I worked too big with the sculpey however. Wed-clay would have been better at this scale.  I’ll continue him further and see what happens.

We had a fun night overall, (thanks again for hosting this Lisa).

sgw01.fs.pc_01      sgw01.fs.pc_03


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