ZBWS – Frankerina – Character Creation with Danny Williams – Week Nine

Got an update this week on Frank. I’ve been busy working full time in work, my character work had to take a back seat for a short while. I managed to find time the past couple of evenings to make an update.

Our brief this week was to work on roughing out the character’s bust primarily. I’ve been thinking constantly about proportions and major shapes. (Also small, medium and large relationships) … and of course air foiling! (Thanks Danny!) Got more polishing time in this time around. He’s coming along really well. I managed to rough out his body’s basic forms in addition to the head bust.


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ZBWS – Frankerina – Character Creation with Danny Williams – Week Nine

After todays amazingly informative class with Danny, I’ve been feeling totally pumped. I’ve taken my concept and pushed forward. I’m quickly hammering out basic forms right now and made changes to the overall proportions of the character. He is still approx 3 heads in height (relative to Frank!) but I’ve readjusted his proportions better to add variety (ie: small, medium and large) and hopefully down the line this will come through better regarding appeal. I’ll need to adjust the arms and hands next. Can’t wait to start sculpting!ZBW.CCDW.W09.Frankerina.StageOne

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ZBWS – Frankerina – Character Creation with Danny Williams – Week Eight

Character Concept:  Frankerina


Frankenstein turned ballerina…  he is NOT happy.

So much for my horror ‘dash’ science fiction take on a classic monster. Somehow I ended up with a Boris Karloff inspired Frankenstein in Lycra and a ballerina costume. The humor makes up for the lack of horror I reckon. This is my lead character design for the low frequency character design project we’re working on with Danny Williams.  See model sheet below.


Rough Model Sheet for Frankerina.

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ZBWS – Week 03 – Character Design with Danny Williams

ZBW.CCDW.HW025Here is my character turn sheet for The Trinket Thief, so far. I’m much happier with the direction he’s going in now. He’s edging more into the realm of horror territory that I want to further explore when it comes animation time. He’ll have a pair of ‘horror pants’ on. Its important to have a certain level of humor attached to this guy to. Still lots to play with going into the final stage of his final sculpt. I need to better refine his anatomy in alot of places. I’m still playing with his legs, cog etc. Overall he’s getting there. He actually has a skull, I felt i needed to better flesh this out to figure out how the horns attach, gums and teeth placement etc. Still working on his accessories and stolen trinkets etc. Since I want to be able to animate this character in future, (Think 1980s B movie… ) I’m having to better figure out where everything will go and attach. (Thievin’ bast**d !)

I have to give a big thank you to Danny on this. He’s a hugely talented guy and a good teacher, the Maya knowledge  that he’s contributing is massively beneficial. These screens were made using ViewPort 2.0 rendering via Maya. A really handy way to review this guy in realtime. Awesome for clients.

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ZBWS – Week 02 – Character Design with Danny Williams


Focused in one character concept. I like where this fella is going, but I think he’s too stylised regarding design, proportions etc.

I’ll maybe save this direction for the next phase in this course. Considering the rigging and animation project for this fella, I really want to go more ‘horror’. What I mean is, this guy could be made to come across scarey and funny… but it’s not the scarey and funny I’m aiming for this time around. A judgment call at this stage, so I’ll be pushing forward on his design and making some changes.

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ZBWS – Week 01 – Character Design with Danny Williams


initial concept designs for my character. In this case, The Trinket Thief. Danny gave me solid guidance during my crit. Despite the work carried out on my clay sculpt, I’ll be going more so with the fella in the bottom left whilst integrating various elements from my other ideas. He needs to have a mischievous appeal, but at the same time be frightening when necessary. The horror element is a high priority!


The work I did in Jordu Schell’s workshop over at the Stan Winston School had been perfect for playing with different ideas regarding my demon character.

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